Salsa Monday | July 1 | 1115 Acoma st. 8-9pm: Brazilian Zouk Class

This is a FREE event but you must register to reserve your spot! ✨

✨Q: Salsa is a partner dance, can I come solo? A: Yes! classes will rotate so you will get to dance with new people.

✨Q: What is the level of the classes? A: These classes will be geared toward absolute beginners!

✨Q: Will I need to dance the role traditionally assigned to my gender? A: Nope. You get to choose your lead/follow preference. In fact, we encourage students to learn their non-primary role at some point in their dance journey. Denver Zouk School is committed to creating a safe space for gender-queer and non-binary people to dance freely.

✨Q: I am dance-curious but nervous to be close to someone I don’t know, will I be comfortable? A: You will have the option to choose how close you want to dance. Consent and boundaries are woven into the curriculum. ✨Q:Why are we offering free classes? A: We LOVE growing the dance community in Colorado and want more and more people to enjoy the amazing benefits of partner dance.

✨This class is FREE but you must register: