Denver needed a hub for social dance.

So we delivered.

In 2023, the Denver School of Social Dance (DSSD) emerged as a dedicated haven for partner dance enthusiasts tailored to elevate the skills of dancers across all levels and multiple styles. By opening a dance studio specifically for social dances, we are finally able to create a space for brand new, intermediate, and advanced dancers to uplevel their skillsets.

Our mission is to create a safe space where people can come together, form meaningful friendships, and learn healthy ways of connecting through the transformative power of social dance.

We firmly believe that movement, especially through social dance, serves as an extraordinary platform for honing interpersonal skills such as effective communication, active listening, mutual support, and constructive feedback. By enhancing body awareness and triggering positive neurochemical responses, our social dance programs amplify individuals' capacity for self-connection, enabling them to forge deeper connections with others. Through this ripple effect, we aim to foster a stronger sense of community and well-being throughout our society. Join us in shaping a future where individuals feel a sense of belonging and experience the transformative benefits of social dance.

We celebrate dances which were born from the heartbeats of social gatherings and cultural exchange.

Code of Conduct

At DSSD, our teaching approach sets us apart by emphasizing the vibrant world of street dances rooted in the Afro diaspora. Unlike traditional ballroom dances that often originated in formal studio settings, our focus is on the authentic and rich history of social dances that emerged organically on the dance floors of diverse communities. We celebrate dances like salsa, lambada, swing dance, and kizomba, which were born from the heartbeats of social gatherings and cultural exchange. These dances carry the unique spirit of their creators and have evolved through genuine connections and personal expressions.

Who Are We?

Devon Near-Hill, Co Founder, Education Director Brazilian Zouk, Lambada, Wedding Dances

Hunter Gill Operations Support Brazilian Zouk, DJ

Ry'el Lambazouk/ Lambada

Amália Mayer Brazilian Ballroom Dances

Felix Cervantes Salsa

Rachel Farley, Co- Founder, Principal Brazilian Zouk, Lindy Hop, Wedding Dances

Jazmyne Lewis Community Engagement Brazilian Zouk, Lambada

Ellie Wilkins Director of Emotional Support

Lekan David Kizomba

Dana Clouse Urban Kiz, Kizomba

Ben Sodenkamp Strategic Advisor Brazilian Zouk .

Felicia Brown Ambassador Program Manager .

Reuben Valeriano Brazilian Zouk

Sarah Albertson Salsa

Jenny Pham Urban Kiz


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At Denver School of Social Dance, we recognize that it takes a village to build a solid and vibrant community.

We couldn’t do it without your help! That's why we're excited to introduce our Ambassador Program, designed to thank our dedicated students who have contributed to the school with exclusive discounts and special perks. To learn more, visit our Ambassador Program FAQ page.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to get individualized feedback and kickstart your dance journey! Get nerdy with technique, or simply spend an hour dancing with a professional! Our staff offers lessons in: Brazilian Zouk Lambada Tango Swing Kizomba Urban Kiz Bachata Salsa Reach out to to book your lesson today!