A Brief History

Originating in the 1980s in Porto Seguro, Brazil, Zouk music and dance evolved from Caribbean Zouk rhythms. Initially influenced by Lambada, Brazilian Zouk gained popularity in the dance community, eventually spreading globally.

Characterized by its smooth partner connection and sensual movements, Brazilian Zouk reflects the cultural exchange and diverse influences that shaped its development. Join our classes to explore the roots of this dance, from its humble beginnings in Brazilian clubs to its emergence as a worldwide phenomenon. Uncover the historical journey of Brazilian Zouk, and become a part of its living legacy.

Curriculum - Main Topics

200 -Viradinha with direction changes Lead comes in front of follow (passeio) -Modern chicote (timing Change) -Balanço -Yo-yo direction changes -Walking Sideways together after abertura side by side

201 -Cross step to caminhada -Simple turn with body contact -Cuddle with isolations -Bonus with patinha variations

203 -Gostosinho -Raul -Bonus -Square Soltinho -Undulations from Diagonal position

202 -Hammer lock and variations -Piao -Bonus with simple turn ending -Inverted bonus

100 -Basic Steps (On the spot, traveling, linear, rotating, frente trais) -Lateral -Viradinha -Body undulations

101 -Elastico -Linear Soltinho -Lunge & Simple Turn -Cuddle aka Inverse Lateral

102 -Figure 8 Hips -Caminhada -Basic Timing Changes -Parallel Soltinho -Viradinha Variations

103 -Right and left turns from Frente Trais -Simple Turn 180 & 90 Degrees -Circular Soltinho in Wifi -Yo-yo & Linear Simple turn aka traveling turn

300 -Toalha (without head movement) -Reverse leader lateral -Changing directions in piao -Puladinho

301 -S, cross, & open steps -S Walks -Pirouettes

302 -Lateral in shadow position -Elastico to basic in shadow position -Bonus with aviao from shadow position