DSSD's One-Year Anniversary!

One year ago, a big vision was brought to life. The ingredients included two lifetimes of falling in love with social dance, combined with the epic magic of the historic Evan's School...

Inspired by the idea of creating a home for Denver's vibrant dance community, Rachel and Devon have collaborated with teachers from diverse dance backgrounds to establish a hub for embodiment practices, community building, and, most importantly, social dance!

Now on any given day at DSSD, you'll find rooms packed with oxytocin-filled bodies, hungry minds, and happy feet.

It's time to celebrate the dedication, passion, and joy that our teachers, collaborators, and students bring to this space. New dancers, we warmly invite you to join us, explore our beautiful venue, and experience the magic of social dance!

Event Schedule:

1-6pm: Mini Classes (30 minutes each) 6-7pm: All-Styles Social (salsa, bachata, tango, bzouk, urban kiz, kizomba) 7-7:30pm: Shows 7:30-9:30pm: bzouk After Party

Come and be a part of this special celebration!

This event is free but you must register! Please register online for a faster check-in.

Schedule of Classes

1:00 PM Rachel + Freeman Jitterbug Swing 1:30 PM Dana + Jenny Urban Kiz 2:00 PM AJ Spencer Tango 2:30 PM Kizomba Lekan 3:00 PM Colby Ariane Dominican Bachata 3:30 PM Colby Ariane Cumbia 4:00 PM Devon & Rachel Brazilian Zouk 4:30 PM Sarah + Felix Salsa on 2 5:00 PM Ryel BZL 5:30 PM John Miller Tango